How I shifted all of my business with terrible (I mean great) results!


I was accepted into Noir Gallery simply by emailing them a sample of my work. There are a lot of amazing artists there so I was surprised and honored to start selling among them.

Sales are a bit slow on prints because I’m not that famous. At leat that’s what I tell myself to avoid facing the fact that I suck.

I don’t think I was accepted necessarily for the quality of my work. The key was that I have a unique style coming from Taiwan which hasn’t had much attention or exposure yet.

Noir Gallery makes it super easy to upload and curate your gallery. They will also help you promote through other channels like Amazon and Etsy!


This is by far the best stock platform I’ve ever used. They work hard to ensure you get the most profit for your photos. It’s insanely easy to upload and tag your work. Then Wirestock sells across platforms while you go out and shoot more photos!

Snapshot of Wirestock earnings. I’ve earned half of my lens back. AMAZING!

You can sell to all the agencies and profit from referring friends to the platform! Click here to begin selling on Wirestock today!


My article ‘99 Amazing Photography Spots In (and near) Taipeihas over 400 views and climbing. I admit I haven’t earned any money yet on Medium but I just joined the partner program yesterday. I can tell this is a promising platform.

$1.50 is more than anybody ever made on Reddit for memes at least :P


I’ve taken a lot of my photography projects and turned them into parodies, posters, and merch. Most notably I made a GTA parody called Taipei Dragon which has been popular for my Instagram audience.

The key here is to create something that resonates with a place and popular culture.

Hey man that’s like a whole week of food… In Uganda.


In the age where everything is digital people are craving something they can touch and enjoy IRL. That’s why I sell magazines on Blurb. I don’t go too crazy though. I keep the magazines short and under $10.00.

8 order so far but they’re all me sending them to my family. HA!

They’re also a good tool for cross promotion for my other ventures. I insert ads for my Noir Gallery store and NFTs behind the front and back covers.

6. Selling NFTs

I’ve been in the NFT game since the Cryptopunk days. After doing research and some trial and error, I’ve decided that when it comes to selling my own work that Rarible seems like the best platform.

So far my strategy is to upload work and then gift it to high-volume buyers and sellers. Since I’m not famous I am counting on them to resell the work for which I will get a 10% cut.

No profits yet but I’m sure they’re coming as soon as pigs fly.

To get started on Rarible you need some Ethereum and Metamask.


Most of the methods above would not work if I didn’t have an outlet to promote them all on. That’s where Twitch comes in!

According to a recent Forbes Article ‘Twitch Streamers Are Getting Paid $50,000 An Hour To Play New Games’ — but Twitch is far from a gamers only platform.

I’ve used Twitch to do POV street photography with a surprising degree of success. But admittedly people are most interested in me making an ass of myself.

However, even when I’m not doing photography I am always using the platform to promote my Noir Gallery Prints, Wirestock Opportunity, Medium Blog, Teespring Merch, Blurb Books, and NFT Store!

Plus on Twitch you can earn $2.50 from each subscriber to your channel!

$1.00 per hour! Suck on those gains!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here for whatever you want to pursue!

Photographer & Writer

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