I have some questions for the popular streamer that I can’t seem to get a response to. So I guess I have to ask them here…

This streamer is a very beloved and successful streamer on Twitch. I’ve wanted to pick his brain a bit and learn a thing or two, but he’s not interested in talking with me.

So I have no choice but to ask my questions here…

1. Why do you stream people outside the bathroom and play orgasm sounds on your speaker?


I’ve streamed quite a bit myself and I know sometimes the chat can surprise or shock you with their trolling. But I also know there are ways to avoid situations like the one above.

You could 1) Ban certain types of media from being played 2) Not film people while they’re waiting for the restroom without their knowledge or consent.

Just a couple of tips. I hope they help!

2. Why have you never spoken out against Cjayride’s ‘Asians eat dog jokes’ despite claiming to stand against Asian hate?

There are multiple clips of Cjayride’s content in Taiwan deemed by many as racist. Take for example THIS CLIP of him making ‘Asians eat dog’ jokes.

I’ve heard and seen a lot from you on Twitter about #stopasianhate, but when it comes to somebody acting like a jackass in your hometown talking about your own people you’re oddly silent on Twitch and social media. Why?

This is very nice but I’d say it’s best to think globally while working locally.

3. Why’d you do this to your ex?

Was it worth the views and attention? How did you and her feel after this clip went viral? Further, did she get paid or reap any sort of benefit by being such an integral part of your content as you rose to popularity?

4. What did you do with the $5,000 donation that was intended for your wedding gift?

Personally I would have donated it to charity if I ended up not getting married, since that’s what the money was intended for. But everyone has a different philosophy and approach…What did you end up doing?

5. Why don’t you like wearing seatbelts?

I know you make a lot of money on Twitch but I’d hate to see you get into legal trouble. Plus did you know that if passengers refuse to wear seatbelts in Ubers or Taxis that the drivers can be fined up to $3,000 TWD?

Wearing a seatbelt would set a good example and not put the people driving you around at risk. So why not just buckle-up buddy?

6. How have you never been banned on Twitch banned despite breaking the law?

Twitch Community Guidelines

Twitch’s Community Guidelines clearly state that a violation of local laws would result in being banned from the platform. It is the law that people riding in motor vehicles wear seatbelts in Taiwan. Therefore failing to wear a seatbelt should result in a ban, right?

However you have not been banned. How is this so?

Laws and Regulations Database of The Republic of China: Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act

7. How have you avoided mandatory military service in Taiwan?

All of my male Taiwanese friends have served in the military. Granted, they are not from rich families and don’t have American passports, but I still find it amazing that you have not served in the Taiwanese military like most Taiwanese men. How so?

I’m very curious to know the answers to these questions. Perhaps I stand to learn a thing or two and be enlightened!

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