6 Ways To Promote Onlyfans On Twitch Like Indiefoxx! 💦💦

Twitch has strict rules against sexual content and promoting other services on their platform, but here are 6 great workarounds!


Get your Twitch fans to follow you on Twitter where you can diretly promote and share pictures from your Onlyfans account.

I recommend using a Nightbot Timer & Command, a Streamlabs Sponsor Banner, and a Twitch Panel. You can also place a link to your Twitter in your Twitch overhead panel.


You can put your Linktr.ee link on your Twitch banner for new users to quickly and easy get to your Onlyfans. I also reccomend a Nightbot Timer & Command and a Twitch Panel just like you’d for Twitter.


Hot tub streams are a MAJOR hit on Twitch. The best part is that you don’t even need a real hot tub. Just get a small pool and fill it with bathwater (which you can sell later) and you could be on your way to making millions of new Onlyfans subscribers!

A hot tub stream is a great way to lure people in and let them see what you’re working with! 😉😉😉💦💦💦


Much like on the platform itself you cannot use Twitch’s email feature to directly promote Onlyfans, but you can link to Twitter or Link.tree or try to think of some other clever workarounds!

Depending on the situation or how close you are with Twitch staff (who is supper corrupt and easy to influence generally speaking) you may be able to get away with direct promotion in this way.

You can email your subscribers from your revenue dashbord.


A streamer who doesn’t use Discord isn’t a streamer for long. Discord is a powerful tool for cultivating community and promoting other content. It’s basically mandatory for anybody hoping to grow a community and a large following on Twitch.

Use a NSFW channel on Discord to keep fans updated on your latest Onlyfans content.


I never even heard of indiefoxx until I saw news of her being banned. One of the smartest things you can do on Twtich is take a ban and hope it gets a lot of publicity. Break a Twtich rule in a subtle or seemingly innocent way and take the ban for tons of exposure and new fans.

If you get banned and need to generate publicity, be sure to post on r/LivestreamFail, Email editors at Dexerto, and Kotaku. These are the biggest hubs for Twitch-related news.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful and good luck!

Photographer & Writer

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