Use this guide to take amazing photos in Taipei.

Photos by Andrew Haimerl. All rights reserved.


A really beautiful temple at the base of Yangmingshan.

BEITOU DISTRICT — The architecture here is quite impressive. It’s a local favorite for photoshoots and for good reason. Many people like to take pictures in front of the pond with the building in the background, but don’t forget to check out the wide-open vista out back.

Location: №89號, Lane 65, Daye Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112


Use the Robert Greene formula to teach, persuade, or entertain more people with greater results!

Robert Greene has written bestselling books on topics of strategy, power, seduction, and human nature. His books are often lauded by famous artists and business superstars — they’ve also earned the honor of being banned in prisons.

Personally I respect Robert Greene because he’s able extract knowledge from books I’d never read and serve them up through useful principles and engaging stories that help me navigate the chess board of life.

Welcome to Taiwan Memes Volume 3. All memes…

Welcome to Taiwan Memes Volume 2. All memes…

Welcome to Taiwan Memes Volume 1. All memes…

Here I will show you how I edit. There’s no real special magic or tricks. Most of editing is about small adjustments that add up over time.

Step 1: Camera Raw Adjustments

Every foreigner in Taiwan dreams of finally putting down those sticky balls and getting a real life. Here are some ways to make that happen!

1. Start A Business

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Photographer & Writer

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